Soy​/​/​Bungus Split 7"

by Bungus

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released May 14, 2013



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Track Name: Compounds//Null.mp4
Through my head in loops,
these thoughts wring out my last drops of self worth.
Cracks filled in with concrete memories of an agoraphobic
half life.
The silence of my room
deafens me with hateful thoughts
dreams of a pain no longer felt
leave me more hopeless each day.
For too long i have been contained
in this compound of insecurities,
no longer will I let your gaze be piss in my eyes
Track Name: Left to Bleed
Life is fucking nothing
but a constant string of lies,
each contradicting
the next and failing to stay consistent.
Desperation and denial fight to keep
me in this state of perpetual infuriation,
brought forth by a need for
superiority among others.

There is no reason to give reason

when the axis of importance falls
beneath social acceptance.
Only reason to succeed,
squirm harder than the other worms.

To be shot down
and left to bleed.
Track Name: Tenchu
Track Name: Feasts of War (Assück)
"We starve our children before the banquet of knowledge while politicians indulge in the feasts of war."